Past exhibits

Valery Aisenberg. SPRING FEVER

Valery Aisenberg


/ paintings, graphics, video, text /

29.03.18 – 19.04.18

tel. 8. 964. 564. 03. 03

(Klimentovsky bystreet 9/1, near Tretyakovskaya metro)

Valery Aisenberg, biography, selected works

It comes to Spring.

Spring is traditionally the most unstable time of the year, it may be joyful or gloomy, colorful or monochrome – generally speaking spring always has surprises.

When I started doing art (in 70’s) my favorite painting was “Spring fever” of Rockwell Kent. This artist was extremely popular among Soviet citizens and has become honorary member of Russian Academy of Arts and laureate of International Lenin award “For consolidation of peace among nationalities”.

At that moment I was interested in nature conditions, I experienced colors so deeply that my saliva was changing its taste from sweet to sour and than to salty.

In the “Spring fever” art piece nature have met my soul experience, it provoked nervousness, impatience and excitement. The only thing that stressed me - were horses. They trampled the earth and the thud of hooves is always a bit irritating. That’s why I have chosen silent animals for my project – worms, butterflies, bumblebees, beetles – they just touch the earth. I was interested in small details, unseen connections, which form continuity of life and vital impulsion. So silent and immaterial are also mythology characters or ancient spirits, which sometimes take different and often hybrid forms.

In 1991-1992 I created installations “Home museum 1 and 2”. This exhibition may be the third home museum, as there is also a shadow of nervous collection of a bit gloomy art collector.


Alexey Politov & Marina Belova. WINGS

Alexey Politov & Marina Belova


/ graphics, objects /

01.03.18 – 25.03.18

tel. 8. 964. 564. 03. 03

(Klimentovsky bystreet 9/1, near Tretyakovskaya metro)

Alexey Politov & Marina Belova, biography, selected works


Vladimir Anselm. ENDLESS STORY

Vladimir Anselm


/ paintings /

25.01.18 – 25.02.18

tel. 8. 964. 564. 03. 03

(Klimentovsky bystreet 9/1, near Tretyakovskaya metro)

Vladimir Anselm, biography, selected works

Art of Vladimir Anselm in all its diversity of style, forms and details of content, is whole in its intellectual task. Every exhibition of this artist is the logic continuation of multiplicate examination of European cultural space. Anselm identifies this space on the ground of historical archetypes, one of which is the main attribute of European culture representation – Classicism.

Classicism of Vladimir Anselm is not just Grand style, but this style gives motivation and activation in frame of historical accidents of European wars and revolutions.

Classicism is the dominating in exhibition meanings and is presented as an archetype and essential companion in world accidents overcoming, as a chaos antithesis.

The author in a postmodernist paradigm appeals to European classic examples: “La Marseillaise” of Francois Rude, who idealized French revolution; “Victory” of Christian Rauch, who glorified the establishment of Prussia; and chrestomathy of Soviet classicism Ivan Shadr, Vera Mukhina, Anna Golubkina.

Vladimir Anselm shows an eternal “gene” of style, expressed in search of reference point and ideal. The Greek classic art sample was perceived by Rome, who interpreted shape principals and intonations of Hellas.In its turn Rome incorporated new art sample, which idealized living principles, educated and brought new goals.
Classicism genotype is permanent and can be described as an endless story, which conforms myriads of chaos particles into the order.


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