"Olga Gorokhova. CITY OF WOMEN (paintings)" // December, 06, 2016.
Dear friends, we are glad to invite you to look at the project by Olga Gorokhova CITY OF WOMEN (paintings).
Dates of exhibition: December, 8 - January, 8.
Olga Gorokhova is living in two, sometimes wide of each other, cultural spaces Russia and Western Europe, she finds junction points between them with her art. Her authentic and rare at our times painting manner becomes the essential universal language in understanding the completed and very personal feminine view and relations with the outside world. For the artist this world is the specific world of cinema, in particular the famous film of Federico Fellini "La citta delle donne". The vital difference from the maestros view will be the view of a woman, the insider view so to say, but it is also very kaleidic, honest and made of expressive flash backs of women characters of the world cinema chrestomathy...

"Arkadiy Nasonov. DUTCH NOTES" // October, 05, 2016.
Until November 7 we are pleased to invite you to look at DUTCH NOTES project by Arkadiy Nasonov
You are welcome!:)

"Elena Samorodova & Sergey Sonin. HUNTING FRAGMENT. RUSSIAN STEREO" // September, 07, 2016.
In September 8 - October, 2 we are pleased to invite you to look at the project by Elena Samorodova & Sergey Sonin HUNTING FRAGMENT. RUSSIAN STEREO (photo, video, sound).
You are welcome!:)

"Yuri Avvakumov. TOWERS" // August, 09, 2016.
Dear friends, we are glad and proud to invite you:) On August 12 we open a new project by Yuri Avvakumov TOWERS (objects, photo)
Exhibition will be open till September 4, you are welcome!
The "Towers" exhibition of the artist-architect Yuri Avvakumov contains several paper objects and twenty photo-works, created in recent years. An absolute dominant in all the photography series is the architecture in one form or another, in a different context.

"Nonna Goriounova, Sofia Infante, Daria Konovalova-Infante. LIGHT AND SHADE" // July, 12, 2016.
We are glad to invite you: Nonna Goriounova, Sofia Infante and Daria Konovalova-Infante perform their joint new project LIGHT AND SHADE (graphics, objects).
Dates of exhibition: July 15 - August, 7 2016
What audience may see is a game, where the communication is a dominant.Communication not only with the viewer but also among three Moscow artists themselves. 'Light and shade' exhibition is three self-sufficient artistic expressions, combined in a dynamic actual experiment space. Each one of the participants chooses her personal visual language, behavior style and strategy. But the culmination of this complicated game is the gathering of the descriptive unity in different light and shade spaces...
more about the project..>>

"Konstantin Batynkov. THE ROAD" // June, 14, 2016.
We're glad to invite you to look at new solo project by Konstantin Batynkov THE ROAD (paintings).
Dates of exhibition: June, 16 - July, 10. You're welcome! :) CALL BEFOREHAND, please. Tel. 8. 964. 564. 03. 03

"Balcon Opera #4 "SUMMER"" // June, 11, 2016.

Krokin gallery performs

Balcon Opera #4 #4

/ classical opera on gallery balcony LIVE! /



JUNE 12 2016, 14:00

square near Tratyakovskaya metro station, Malaya Ordynka, 1

After finishing concert we are waiting you in the gallery
at Nina Kotyol exhibition
. Tel. 8 (964) 564-03-03

"KONSTANTIN BATYNKOV with retrospective exhibition in Museum of Moscow" // May, 28, 2016.
In June 2 - July 3 you are welcome to the exhibition of Konstantin Batynkov VIEWS. It's his personal retrospective exhibition that is held in Museum of Moscow (Zubovsky boulevard, 2)!
Opening reception: June 2 at 7 p.m.

"Nina Kotyol. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO HOLD, EMBRACE OR USE THEM" // May, 16, 2016.
Dear friends, we are glad and proud to invite you:) First time in Krokin gallery: Nina Kotyol IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO HOLD, EMBRACE OR USE THEM (paintings). Exhibition dates: May, 20 - June, 12 , you are welcome!:)
Nina Kotyol asks herself: what is an object, how does it appear? Each of her works is an attempt to tame objects. Nina shows that there are limits in dialogue opportunities between a human and an object. What directs an artist? Some love or just a curiosity? Or maybe some other strong emotions, like fear and elemental horror towards material world, that may be comfortable or hostile. Everybody has traces of these first injuries, first attempts of its exploration and learning...

"Kirill Rubtsov. LIBRARY / graphics /" // April, 21, 2016.
Until May 15 we are pleased to invite you to look at LIBRARY graphical project by Kirill Rubtsov
You are welcome!:)

"Francisco Infante-Arana. BIRTH OF THE VERTICAL" // March, 14, 2016.
Dear friends, we are glad to invite you to see the project by Francisco Infante-Arana BIRTH OF THE VERTICAL (works of 1962-1965).
Exhibition will be held till April 17.

"Alexander Pankin. Architecture. Evident and Hidden" // February, 14, 2016.
Dear friends, we are glad and proud to invite you:) An interesting project by Alexander Pankin ARCHITECTURE. EVIDENT AND HIDDEN (objects, documents, video, graphics of 70-80-ies) starts on February 18 at 6 p.m.
Exhibition will be open till March, 13, you are welcome!:)

"SEE MORE. Roman Minaev / paintings /" // January, 12, 2016.
Happy New Year, dear friends! Let your 2016 brings you many happy moments.. We open a new year with a painting roject SEE MORE Roman Minaev.
Opening reception - January 13 at 6 p.m.. Exhibition is held till February, 14. You are welcome!:)

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