"Alexander Ponomarev. SHAPES LEADING AWAY" // November, 10, 2011.
In November, 10 - December, 11 we invite you to look at the new project by Alexander Ponomarev SHAPES LEADING AWAY (graphics).

"Vladimir Sitnikov. HANDS UP" // October, 03, 2011.
We continue the new season with a new project by Vladimir Sitnikov.
Opening reception - october, 6 at 6 p.m.
Dates of exhibition: 06.10.2011 - 06.07.2011. You're welcome!

"ART-MOSCOW the 15-th International Art-Fair" // September, 18, 2011.
Art Moscow 2011 In September, 21-25 Krokin gallery takes part in ART-MOSCOW the 15-th International Art-Fair (Central House of Artists (Krimsky val, 10).
ART MOSCOW is the largest largest contemporary art fair in Eastern Europe. It was founded in 1995 and today is one of the major art events in Russia.

BOOTH # 8-10 A: Konstantin Batynkov, Alexander Djikia, Vladimir Semensky, Leonid Tishkov, Natalia Turnova, Sergey Shutov
BOOTH # 11-4: Special Project "I Like": OPEN! Group. (Sergey Kuzhavsky, Stas Zhizky, Vlad marsavin)

"New Season! Kirill Alexandrov, WELL / graphics /" // September, 01, 2011.
In September, 8 we open a new season with new graphic project WELL by Kirill Alexandrov. Opening reception - september, 8 at 6 p.m. Exhibition is held within the 4-th Moscow Biennial of Contemporary Art. You're welcome!

"WHALES of the SEASON © 7" // June, 23, 2011.
In June, 23 - September, 4 2011 Krokin gallery performs the project WHALES of the SEASON © 7 well-known works by well-known artists, containing paintings, graphics, objects, photos.

"Konstantin Batynkov. STILL LIFE / paintings /" // May, 17, 2011.
In May, 19 - June, 19 we invite you to look at the new project by Konstantin Batynkov STILL LIFE (paintings).

"EARTH. SPACE. GAGARIN" // April, 11, 2011.
...Gagarin's flight is one of the greatest events not only in the Russian history, but in the history of the human race as well as he was the very first man in space. This year on the 12th of April we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this outstanding moment in the development of mankind......>>
In April, 14 - May, 15 Krokin gallery performs special project EARTH. SPACE. GAGARIN (graphics, photo, paintings). Opening reception: April, 14 at 6 p.m.
Y. Avvakumov, K. Batynkov, A. Djikia, F. Infante, P. Infante, D. Krotova, A. Mitlyanskaya, V. Orlov, A. Pankin, A. Ponomarev, L. Tishkov, S. Chilikov, S. Shutov

"Leonid Tishkov. Arctic Diary" // March, 04, 2011.
In March, 10 - April, 10 Krokin gallery performs new project by Leonid Tishkov ARCTIC DIARY (photo, drawings, installation, video).

"Vladimir Semensky. PRIVATE SPACE" // February, 04, 2011.
In February, 10 - March, 6 Krokin gallery performs a new project by Vladimir Semensky PRIVATE SPACE (painting).

"Nikolay Nasedkin. TILLAGE / petroleum painting /" // January, 12, 2011.
Happy New Year! We begin this year with a new project by Nikolay Nasedkin TILLAGE (petroleum painting).
Opening reception - january, 13 at 6 p.m.
Dates of exhibition: 14.01.2011 - 06.02.2011. You're welcome!

"Sergey & Tatyana Kostrikovs, Alexander Gradoboev. SHELL" // January, 03, 2011.
In December, 15 2010 - January, 9 2011 Krokin gallery performs the project by Sergey & Tatyana Kostrikovs and Alexander Gradoboev SHELL (photo, objects).

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