"Roman Minaev. BRANDS (objects)" // November, 16, 2010.
Till November, 18 Krokin gallery performs new project by Roman Minaev BRANDS (objects).

"Alexander Djikia. TIN / graphics, objects /" // October, 11, 2010.
In October, 14 - November, 14 Krokin gallery performs Alexander Djikia with his new project TIN (graphics, objects).

"ART-MOSCOW the 14-th International Art-Fair" // September, 14, 2010.
Art Moscow 2010 In September, 22-26 Krokin gallery takes part in ART-MOSCOW the 14-th International Art-Fair (Central House of Artists (Krimsky val, 10).
ART MOSCOW is the largest largest contemporary art fair in Eastern Europe. It was founded in 1995 and today is one of the major art events in Russia.

BOOTH # 10-8: OPEN! Group: Sergey Kuzhavskiy, Stas Zhitsky, Roman Ivanyuchenko

BOOTH # 8-4: Kirill Alexandrov, Konstantin Batynkov, Alexander Djikia, Severin & Sofia Infante, Sergey & Tatiana Kostrikovs, Dasha Krotova, Roman Minaev, Vladimir Nasedkin, Nikolay Nasedkin, Vladimir Semenskiy, Leonid Tishkov, Natalia Turnova, FenSo & Polushkins, Sergey Shutov

"The 90-th. exhibition devoted to the 20-th anniversary of Krokin gallery" // September, 09, 2010.

Krokin gallery performs

the 90-th

exhibition devoted to the 20-th anniversary of Krokin gallery opening

whom we worked, are working and will work with

fr. infante & n. goriounova, a. djikia, k. batynkov, l. tishkov,
d. tsvetkov, a. ponomarev, a. mitlyanskaya,

v. dubossarsky, a. smirnsky (fenso), v. smirnov (fenso), a. bilzho,
t. badanina, a. nasonov, a. mareev (lim),

k. alexandrov, s. shutov, n. turnova, k. chyolushkin, a frolov,
v. samsonov, a. skripka, i. gansovskaya, n. bugashev,

v. sitnikov, n. nasedkin, p. infante, a. pankin,
s. kuzhavsky, a. repeshko....


16.09.10 - 10.10.10
opening reception: september, 16 at 6 p.m.

"WHALES of the SEASON 6" // August, 13, 2010.
In August, 12 - September, 12 2010 Krokin gallery performs the project WHALES of the SEASON 6 well-known works by well-known artists, containing paintings, graphics, objects, photos.

"FenSO & Polushkins. FREELOGY & JANE(ism)" // July, 05, 2010.
In July, 8 - Augist, 8 Krokin gallery performs the new project by FenSO & Polushkins FREELOGY & JANE(ism) (summer - autumn 2010).
More about the project..>>

"Sergey Shutov. TERRATHERAPY of RORSCHACH" // May, 28, 2010.
In June, 3 - July, 4 Krokin gallery performs a new project by Sergey Shutov TERRATHERAPY of RORSCHACH (paintings, graphics).
Who is the Rorschach and other answers of S.Shutov to A.Petrovichev's questions..>>

"Konstantin Batynkov. PARADE" // April, 26, 2010.
In April 29 - May, 30 Krokin gallery performs a new project by Konstantin Batynkov PARADE (painting).
more about the project..>>

"Vladimir Nasedkin. TRANSIT" // March, 16, 2010.
In March, 25 - April, 25 Krokin gallery performs Vladimir Nasedkin with his new project TRANSIT (paintings).
"...Nowadays we travel thank to Internet without leaving our place and we overcome the distances, which we've dreamed about. Travelling via hyperlinks through the landscapes of the World Wide Web is an imitation of a trip, but this is our today's reality..."
4 Answers of Vladimir Nasedkin to Alexander Petrovichev's Questions..>>

"Vladimir Semensky. KINDERGARTEN" // February, 21, 2010.
In February, 24 - March, 21 Krokin gallery performs a new gallery artist Vladimir Semensky with a project KINDERGARTEN (paintings).
...Vladimir Semensky does large canvas paintings, showing reality as a random sum of spontaneous personal movements. Painting itself is formed of spontaneous bodily movements and presents them as the closest reality and simultaneously the closest secret of which they are born. His painting is corporeal and speaks of the body, which is put together from unpredictable inner movements. It is distinguished by chaotic frankness and eurythmy. It is both intimate and eccentric. It grows out of a runaway and intuitive spirit and speaks of freedom as an indispensable prerequisite for the emergence of man....
More about the project..>>

"PRACTIC OF LIGHT. Severin Infante & Sofia Infante" // January, 16, 2010.
In january, 21 - February, 21 Krokin gallery performs a new beautiful project by Severin Infante Sofia Infante PRACTIC OF LIGHT, the first part (photo).
works from the project..>>

"Krokin gallery presents solo exhibition by Leonid Tishkov in MMOMA" // January, 15, 2010.

In January, 27 in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Ermolaevskiy 17) the solo exhibition Leonid Tishkov "IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS".
Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents a retrospective show of the Moscow well-known artist Leonid Tishkov an artist, a narrator and a visionary, at the same time ironic and poetic. A total installation, presenting the imaginary worlds of Dabloids, Divers, Stomakis, and other creatures, created by artist within 30 years of his creative work, will take up several floors of the museum. Combining folklore and surrealism, addressing the theme of memory, and using banal subjects, Leonid Tishkov is always true to himself, turning art into a visual theatre. It is essential for the artist to see the world through he eyes of a child, to notice its miraculous manifestations, and, eventually, to turn into a fantasy creature himself...
ATENTION! Exhibition is prolonged till March, 14!

"Andrey Bilzho. Ch B" // January, 01, 2010.
Krokin gallery enters the New Year 2010 with graphic project by Andrey Bilzho CH B, 23.12.09 - 17.01.10.

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