"Alexander Djikia: LABYRINTH or the Story of Minotaur" // November, 14, 2009.
In November, 19 - December, 20 Krokin gallery performs the new project by Alexander Djikia - "LABYRINTH or the Story of Minotaur" (sculpture, graphics, objects). Opening reception - November, 19 at 6 p.m.
A. Djikia: ...In fact, many artists addressed the Antiquity theme in certain periods of their lives. This usually coincides with the middle-age crisis, when the picture of the world changes for man and he can no longer stay the way he used to be. In my case this change of perspective occurred when I was staying abroad for a long time; it was a double effect, as a result of which I lost the ability to draw the way I had done in the past, and whatever I did using old concepts irritated me so much that I just stopped drawing. Fate willed it that I found myself at Bilkent University in Ankara...
9 answers of Alexander Djikia to questions of Alexander Petrovichev about the exhibition "LABYRINTH, or the story of the Minotaur..>>

"CD "Leonid Tishkov. Selected. 2004-2009"" // November, 06, 2009.
Krokin gallery released the fourth CD of the ONLINE PROJECT series that's devoted to activity of well-known moscow artist Leonid Tishkov.
CD 'Leonid Tishkov. Selected. 2004-2009' contains the actual information for public in common, for art critics, museum workers and collectors.
CD material is performed in two languages (russian and english).

"LIGHT ALL AROUND - new project by Leonid Tishkov" // October, 06, 2009.
In October, 15 - November, 15 we perform the new project "LIGHT IS ALL AROUND" by Leonid Tishkov (objects, video, graphics) devoted to Vsevolod Nekrasov
Leonid Tishkov: "The poet Vsevolod Nekrasov came to every one of my exhibitions. Instead of attending the opening ceremonies he used to come later, all alone, and examine the display. I was later told that Seva Nekrasov had visited the gallery, scrutinized everything, liked something and disapproved of something else..." more..>>
Solar Plexus
"Krokin gallery at ART-MOSCOW 2009 International art-fair" // September, 18, 2009.
Art Moscow 2009 In September, 23-27 Krokin gallery takes part in 13-th International fair ART-MOSCOW (Central House of Artists (Krymsky val, 10).

We will exhibit the following artists:
Kirill Alexandrov, Konstantin Batynkov, Roman Minaev, Valery Orlov, Alexander Pankin, Vladimir Sitnikov, Leonid Tishkov, Natalia Turnova, Sergey Shutov, Project FenSo & A. Polushkin, Dmitry Tsvetkov
Photos of our exposition

"TRACTOR DRIVERS / 35-th anniversary of the bulldozer exposition" // August, 25, 2009.
In September, 9 - Octiober, 11 2009 we perform the group exhibition within the parallel program of the 3-rd moscow biennial of contemporary arts - TRACTOR DRIVERS / 35-th anniversary of the bulldozer exposition.
The project is to mark thirty-five years since Moscow nonconformist artists staged their show in Belyayevo that the government authorities of the day resolutely nipped in the bud.
More about the project..>>
Project Tractor Drivers

"WHALES of the SEASON 5" // July, 15, 2009.
In July, 23 - September, 3 2009 Krokin gallery performs the project WHALES of the SEASON 5 (paintings, graphics, objects, photos).
Participating artists: konstantin batynkov, alexander gikiya, valery orlov, roman minaev, nikolay nasedkin, alexander pankin, vladimir sitnikov, leonid tishkov, natalia turnova, project fenso, dmitry tsvetkov, sergey shutov

"PLANS - new project by Vladimir Sitnikov" // June, 09, 2009.
In June, 25 - July, 19 Krokin gallery performs the new project by Vladimir Sitnikov - PLANS (graphics, objects). Opening reception - June, 25 at 6 p.m.
Vladimir Sitnikov about the project: ...A new meaning is added nowadays to the old idea about the museum as of some temple of arts. The modern museum wants to be more required and more popular. That many people are now attending gatherings, shows, gala-dinners, events, etc., as never before...

"Konstantin Batynkov solo exhibition. PHOTOS of the EXPOSITION" // June, 07, 2009.
We have posted the photos of the solo exhibition by Konstantin Batynkov in a Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

"THE FIRST KILOMETER by Sergey Shutov" // May, 21, 2009.
In May, 21 - June, 21 we perform a new project by Sergey Shutov "The First Kilometer" (painting, photo).
"...The Red Square is a symbol of power of Russia. The artist, whatever his specialization is, should he be a writer, or a painter, touches upon with this source of inspiration, sooner or later. We need to understand the origin and opportunities of this power. We need to know whom does it belong...."

"ANOTHER LIFE by Konstantin Batynkov, solo exhibition" // April, 21, 2009.

In May, 14 at Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Ermolaevskiy 17) the solo exhibition of Konstantin Batynkov will be opened.
Opening reception - May, 13 at 7 p.m. (invited only).

"LANDSCAPE by Konstantin Batynkov" // March, 24, 2009.
In April, 8 - May, 9 Konstantin Batynkov performs in Krokin gallery his new project LANDSCAPE (paintings).
As the author says, "...The word "landscape" is either plot or topic. Last two years i don't puzzle myself with the names of my projects and works. They limit me. I wouldn't name my exhibitions at all - just "Batynkov - graphics" or "Batynkov-paintings". When i work it's difficult for me to limit myself in anything. That's why my "Landscape" - is something unlimited..."

"Konstantin Batynkov catalogue presentation" // March, 04, 2009.
Konstantin Batynkov new catalogue presentation will be held in Krokin gallery on the 8-th of april. You're welcome!

"DIAGNOSIS - new project by Natalia Turnova" // February, 24, 2009.
In February, 25 - March, 22 Krokin gallery performs new project "DIAGNOSIS" by Natalia Turnova (paintings). Opening reception - February, 25 at 6 p.m.

"Roman Minaev. FLAGS" // January, 17, 2009.
New Year in the Gallery we open with the new project "FLAGS" by Roman Minaev (paintings, multimedia). The exhibition is held in January, 22 - February, 22.
Seven answers of Roman Minaev to questions from Alexander Petrovichev..>>

"FEN.SO. FREELOGY. winter-spring 2009" // January, 02, 2009.
In December, 18 2008 - January, 18 2009 krokin gallery performs the project FEN.SO. FREELOGY. winter-spring 2009 (paintings, video), by Anton Smirnsky /./, Vassily Smirnov /./ & Alik Polushkin /Polushkin Brothers/.

"molitor & kuzmin: IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT" // January, 01, 2009.
In December, 10 - February, 15 Moscow Museum of Architecture and Krokin gallery perform the new project by molitor & kuzmin (Vladimir Kuzmin & Ursula Molitor) IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT.
This project is a huge light installation integrated into the architecture provided with its own expressiveness.
Exhibition is held in the Museum of Architecture (Vozdvizhenka str., 5). Museum halls are opened from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tickets price - 100 rub.

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