"FIBONACCI - new project by Alexander Pankin" // November, 10, 2008.
In November, 13 - December, 14 Krokin gallery performs new project "FIBONACCI" by Alexander Pankin (objects and graphics of 2000-2008). Opening reception - November, 13 at 6 p.m.

"Valery Orlov. SMALL SIMPLE SIGNIFICANT" // October, 06, 2008.
In October, 9 - November, 2 we perform photo-project by Valery Orlov.
...It's amazing, how much one's works can tell about their author. Even photographs, in which, supposedly, dominates the "unbiased technology". That is how photos of Valery Orlov clearly show that he is a graphic. And graphics, happily, aren't capable of rivaling painted art, installations or multimedia for influence on the mass soul of the public, it is a humble and unfashionable art, but, on the other hand, an accurate one...

"Leonid Tishkov. ARTIST's HOME (objects)" // August, 30, 2008.
On the 4-th of September krokin gallery opens the new season with hew project by Leonid Tishkov "ARTIST's HOME".
At first it was simply supposed to be a show of Leonid Tishkov's new paintings. The painter was preparing for the exhibition, painting pictures and hanging them out on the wall of his studio next to his previous paintings. The pictures felt themselves comfortable, they seemed even accustomed to their places over the painter's sofa, on the rug among the clock and the postcards. And so when it was time to move to the exhibition, they found they couldn't leave their good old friends: the sagging sofa; the pillow the painter's head had been sleeping above and dreaming about lots of strange creatures; the rag boy-doll made from old clothes; the cozy silk dabloids; the velvet land divers; the bent-wood chair with splashes of paint (the artist had been using it instead of an easel); the table with books on it; and the lamp illuminating the pictures.
And lots of other things that can be found at the artist's home moved one after the other following the pictures...
Opening reception - 04.09.2008

"WHALES of the SEASON 4" // July, 23, 2008.
In July, 24 - August, 31 2008 Krokin gallery performs the project WHALES of the SEASON 4 (paintings, graphics, objects, photos).
Participating artists: yuri avvakumov, kirill alexandrov, vladimir anzelm, konstantin batynkov, alexander gradoboev, project fenso, leonid tishkov, natalia turnova,
dmitry tsvetkov, olga chernysheva, kirill chelushkin, sergey shutov

"Andrey Bilzho. VISUAL ACUITY (graphics)" // June, 24, 2008.
In June, 27 - July, 20 we perform the graphic project VISUAL ACUITY by Andrey Bilzho.
"...About 20 years ago I began to draw these graphic sheets. In the period of my middle-age crisis. I was being treated with it. You think about nothing except the black, the white, the thick and thin, the complicated and simple, just checking your visual acuity..."

"ART-MOSCOW'2008. Photos from our booth" // May, 26, 2008.
Thank you for coming to our booth at 12-th International fair ART-MOSCOW.
Photos of our exposition...

"Eugeny Asse. HORIZON (graphics, slide-show)" // May, 19, 2008.
In May, 22 - June, 22 we perform the project by Eugeny Asse.
"HORIZON" - big graphic works, drawings, travel notes, photos.
The exhibition is composed in such a way that the drawings of horizons perform the united installation. One horizon, one plot, one motive, one space feeling and one time...

"ART-MOSCOW 2008" // May, 05, 2008.

In May, 14 - 18 Krokin gallery takes part in 12-th International fair ART-MOSCOW (Central House of Artists (Krymsky val, 10).

We will exhibit the following artists:
Yuri Avvakumov, Vladimir Anzelm, Kirill Alexandrov, Konstantin Batynkov,
Leonid Tishkov, Olga Chernysheva, Dmitry Tsvetkov, Natalia Turnova, Kirill Chelushkin, Sergey Shutov
photos from our booth...

"KULIBIN group project" // March, 31, 2008.
In April, 3 - May, 18 Krokin gallery performs group exhibition "KULIBIN" (mechanisms, objects, graphics, video, models)
Artists participating in the project: Yuri Avvakumov, Kirill Alexandrov, Tatiana Badanina, Vassili Bogachev, Vladislav Efimov, Platon Infante, Alexander Petrovichev, Roman Minaev, Vladimir Nasedkin, Alexander Pankin, Alexander Ponomarev, Vladimir Sitnikov, Sergey Shutov

"Vladimir Sitnikov. TELEFIX (paintings)" // February, 22, 2008.
In February, 27 - March, 30 we perform the project by Vladimir Sitnikov "TELEFIX".

"Konstantyn Batynkov. MOSCOW" // January, 18, 2008.
In January, 24 - February, 24 we're glad to perform new project of Konstantin Batynkov.
Konstantin Batynkov: "...I have painted many pictures about Moscow. Not about old small moscow yards but about other life of those small yards - yards that don't exist any more... "

"The BARRIERS" // January, 09, 2008.
From December 20, 2007 till January 21, 2008 Krokin gallery performs new project by Vladimir Nasedkin "The BARRIERS" (objects).
. . . As Vladimir Nasedkin says, the idea of the project appeared in 2000 during his visiting one of the buddhistic monasteries in Lhasa (Tibet).

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