"Photo of exposition "BAROQUE"" // November, 15, 2007.
Photo of exposition BAROQUE /symptoms of grand style/

"FenSo HD/Shusterman" // November, 06, 2007.
In November, 15 - December, 16 Krokin gallery performs Project FenSo ( Anton Smirnsky / Vassily Smirnov) with the exhibition FenSo HD/Shusterman.
Opening reception - November, 15 at 6 p.m.

"HOME WORK by Leonid Tishkov" // October, 07, 2007.
In October, 11 - November, 11 Krokin gallery exhibits the new project by Leonid Tishkov "HOME WORK" (fabric sculptures, sublime objects, photo, video).
Opening reception: October, 11 at 6 p.m.

"BAROQUE /symptoms of grand style/" // September, 09, 2007.

The Government of Moscow, Cultural committee of Moscow, Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow Museum of Modern Arts and Krokin Gallery perform the project
BAROQUE /symptoms of grand style / (october, 5 - november, 4)

This project addresses a fundamental component of European culture: the Baroque era. Specifically it brings to the fore a cultural phenomenon that is not restricted by time or space or defined by categories of grand style, but is reflected in contemporary social and cultural processes. The events of today have a historical analogue: the Baroque era, with its inherent intonation and symptoms of planetary cataclysm, a rapid annihilation of the classical colonnade of international archetypes.

The fold that got away. The Baroque and Modernity / Valentin Dyakonov /
Eternity as materialism / Sergei Khachaturov /
"Natalia Turnova. COMMANDERS" // August, 28, 2007.
On the 6-th of September Krokin gallery opens the new season with exhibition of Natalia Turnova - "Commanders" (paintings). Opening reception - September, 6-th at 6 p.m. Exhibition will work till October, 7-th.

"GEOLOGY of KNOWLEDGE by Vladimir Anzelm" // May, 23, 2007.
In May, 31 - July, 1 Krokin gallery performs new project by Vladimir Anzelm "GEOLOGY of KNOWLEDGE" (paintings, objects). Opening reception - May, 31 at 6 p.m.

"Krokin gallery at "ART-MOSCOW '2007"" // May, 09, 2007.

In May, 16 - 21, 2007 Krokin gallery takes part in 11-th International Art-Fair ART-MOSCOW" in the Central House of Artists (Krymsky val, 10).

Photos from our booth...

We will exhibit works of the following artists: Yuri Avvakumov, Danya Akulin, Kirill Alexandrov, Konstantin Batynkov, Alexander Konstantinov, molitor & kuzmin, Leonid Tishkov, Dmitry Tsvetkov, Sergey Shutov.

"Sergey Shutov. ELEVATION (paintings, graphics)" // April, 20, 2007.
In April, 26 - May, 27 Krokin gallery performs new project by Sergey Shutov "ELEVATION" (paintings, graphics). Opening reception - April, 26 at 6 p.m.

"Art saves the Children" // April, 15, 2007.
On March, 26th in "Petrovich club' Andrey Bilzho and Krokin gallery organized the charitable auction in support of the program "Line of Life"..
On auction were exposed graphic sheets of known modern artists from Moscow and St.-Petersburg: L.Tishkov, V.Dubossarsky, K.Batynkov, J.Avvakumov, O.Kulik, A.Bilzho, D.A.Prigov, O.Chernysheva, A.Florensky, S.Tsigal, A.Shaburov, D.Tsvetkov, D.Shagin, A.Politov, M.Belova, A.Kirtsova, A. Sharov, J.Perevezentsev, N.Nasedkin, P.Perevezentsev, S.Kuzhavsky, T. and S.Kostrikovs, V.Bokarev, D.Lukjanov, A.Petrovichev.
The presenter of evening Andrey Bilzho very fervently and vigorously has lead the auction. As a result - public with greater enthusiasm has bought up all the presented works. The most expensive work was graphics by Dubossarsky&Vinogradov ($7100). The average price for the works was $600-3000. The total sum of work sold by auction was $33 200.
All the collected money will go on Fatima Dzgoeva (13 y.o.) treatment, the girl who was badly injured in Beslan, received plural fragmental wounds and on present time requiring complex expensive operation in Germany. And also on treatment of Artem Smolenko (2 y.o.), suffering from congenital heart disease.

"The Second Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art" // February, 14, 2007.
In March, 22 - April, 22 Krokin gallery performs the project by molitor & kuzmin (Ursula Molitor & Vladimir Kuzmin) LIGHTTIME (installations).
The project will be shown within The Second Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

"Konstantin batynkov. FOREST" // February, 14, 2007.
In February, 22 - March, 18 we're glad to perform the new project by Konstantin Batynkov "FOREST" (painting). Opening reception - February, 22 at 6 p.m.
The project is shown within the Second Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

. . . Batynkov recalls that the favorite book of his childhood was Konstantin Paustovksy's Mescherskaya Storona. The forest is a neutral zone, a place "where we would all like to go", as Batynkov describes it. This is not a place for the Romantics' mystical experiences, but an ordinary habitat. The artist has said that when he takes walks around his dacha in the summer his creative impulses fade away, and the desire to make something drowns in the drone of self-sufficient nature - "the jungles", in Batynkov's expression. . . more..>>

"Andrey Bilzho. OCCURENCE" // January, 13, 2007.
In january, 17 - february, 18 we perform the exhibition by Andrey Bilzho OCCURENCE (printing on the canvas). Opening reception: january, 17 at 6 p.m.

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