"December, 9 - January, 15: BLACK-WHITE PROJECT in St.Petersburg" // November, 29, 2004.
The project represents works of the authors who actively declare themselves at Moscow and international art stage. Krokin Gallery performed a number of personal and group exhibitions, these artists participating, in the context of its major program in Moscow and at international markets of contemporary art. "Black-white project" combines into a sole exposition different in terms of its individual stylistics and author self-identification art devices.
The only criterion shall be the principle of formal-plastic (in this case - colorful) leveling. The name of the project is specified by the removal of the color polyphony and the endeavor to create an entire balanced exposition based on equilibrium of black and white, positive and negative.
In December, 9 - January, 15 Black-White project will be exhibited in St.Petersburg in Marina Gisich art-gallery.

"December, 7 - January, 9: HUBERTUS VON DER GOLTZ" // November, 23, 2004.
Up on high his figures stand on seemingly precarious footing. The Berlin based sculptor Hubertus von der Goltz has created a distinct contributeion to contemporary sculpture with his silhouetted sculptures poised on pipes or rooftops. His installations are sculptural modifications of our everyday environement, leading viewers to new and surprising perspectives. The perception of a building, a wall or a corner in our familiar habitat (environment) has suddenly changed. In regard to volume Hubertus von der Goltz' scenic transformations are modest. But the visual impression and its reverberations allow the sculptures to spontaneously commit themselves to our memory.

"November, 4 - December, 5: ALEXEY GINTOVT" // October, 16, 2004.
Works on felt. Within the project you will watch Soviet animation of the end of 20-ies.
Opening reception - november, 4 at 6 p.m.

"October, 7-31: Semion Faibisovich (painting, drawing)" // September, 18, 2004.
Exhibition of Semion Faibisovich takes place within the project "Archival of Contemporaneity" and performs the painting and drawing of middle 70ies - middle 80ies.

"New special project: "PROEKT-CULT-PROSVET"" // September, 12, 2004.
The Gallery initiates another artistic program Project - Cult - Prosvet expanded in time and space.
The idea of the Project is to widen the comprehension of contemporary art display and integration of this art into the frameworks of real social industrial sphere. In this case the sites of exposition shall be exhibition halls of technical equipment, engineering, structural engineering, metallurgical manufacture, agricultural sector and so on up to the trade fair of present-day armaments and space technologies.

"September, 3 - October, 3: BULLDOZERS by K.Batynkov" // August, 14, 2004.
The new gallery season we open with the graphic exhibition BULLDOZERS by Konstantin Batynkov. The project is devoted to the 30-th anniversary of "Bulldozer exhibition".

"GALLERY EXHIBITIONS LIST 2004" // August, 14, 2004.
Krokin gallery exhibition list 2004 is available now!
"August 4 - 29: COLD SUMMER (painting, graphics, objects)" // July, 18, 2004.
During the last summer month we will perform the group exhibit by three following artists: Konstantin Batynkov (painting), Kirill Chelushkin (graphics) and Park Sung Tae (objects).

"July, 1 - August, 1: ANDREY FROLOV (painting)" // June, 06, 2004.
In July we will perform the project by Andrey Frolov (painting).

"Krokin gallery at international fair "Art-Moscow'2004"" // June, 06, 2004.

In May, 25-30 we participated in the 8-th International art-fair "Art-Moscow'2004", that took place in the Central House of Artists.

Participants of the project: Konstantin Batynkov, Dmitry Tsvetkov, Kirill Chelushkin, Olga Chernysheva, Leonid Tishkov, Park Sung Tae, Vladimir Yankilevsky, Alexander Ponomarev (with assistance V. and I. Shuliatikovs).

our exposition photo...>>

Till June, 27 you can see the works from BLACK-WHITE PROJECT
in Krokin gallery halls (Bolshaya Polyanka, 15)

"April, 21 - May, 9: HAUTECOUPURE by Dmitry Tsvetkov" // April, 04, 2004.
Dmitry Tsvetkov (in collaboration with Svetlana Rumiantseva) performs two business-costumes, for man and for woman. The name of exhibition - 'HAUTECOUPURE' - results from the sewing material - original bank-notes of US dollars and Russian roubles. Besides, the project will include small embroidered objects - orders, weapons, bank-notes embroidered with beads and many other things, more or less connected with the theme of money and "haute couture".

"March, 18 - April, 18: EMELEVO by Sergey Chilikov" // February, 28, 2004.
In March, 18 Krokin gallery performs a project "Emelevo" by Sergey Chilikov (color photo).
The name of this village is a little bit fairy-tale - Emelevo. But Sergey Chilikov says that it really exists in our spaces. He told that about 10 years ago he made there the big photo series. But the photos of such kind Chilikov could take in many other places and in different time periods: There's nothing cynical in Chilikov's works but there's a lot of "healthy sensuality" instead of romantic "life attraction". Chilikov is just following the nature of photographer's profession - makes real staging.
Opening reception: March, 18 at 6 p.m.

"February, 12 - March, 13: DEEP SEA DIVERS by L. Tishkov" // February, 01, 2004.
Since February, 12 Krokin gallery performs a project by Leonid Tishkov "Deep Sea Divers" (works on paper, objects, texts). The history of "Deep Sea Divers" began 20 years ago. The whole mythological art project will be performed for the first time. The project "Deep Sea Divers" consists of the first water-coloured works by Tishkov about divers, texts from the book "Cosmogonia of Divers", graphite drawings on tracing paper, endless series of absurd drawings about Divers' life and portfolio "The Divers" published in USA in 2000. Also there will be a video of "The Divers" performance.

"January, 15 января - February, 8: OTHER LIFE by K. Batynkov" // January, 03, 2004.
New Year 2004 gallery starts with a project "Other Life" by Konstantin Batynkov. Born in 1959, Sevastopol, Batynkov lives and works in Moscow. This artist is one of the key personages in the contemporary art scene in today's Moscow. It's the third Batynkov's project in Krokin gallery: the first was photographic ("Outward Tibet"), the second - graphic one ("Insider - Outsider") and now it's painting.
Opening reception: January, 15 at 6 p.m.

"GALLERY EXHIBITIONS LIST 2003" // January, 02, 2004.
Krokin gallery exhibition full list 2003 is available now!
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