"December, 12 - January, 11: A. Sibirsky. MILITARY. UPDATE" // November, 15, 2003.
On December, 12 we start rather unexpected project by A.Sibirsky - MILITARY. UPDATE
Andrey Sibirsky belongs to the new generation of modern military artists, executing special orders of the Ministry of Defences. He paints from life north-caucasian campaign, extracting the subjects from real situations and then converts them into corresponding to the genre shapes of the official order...
Opening reception: December, 12 at 6 p.m.

"November, 6 - December, 7: V.Yankilevsky. MUTANTS" // October, 18, 2003.
On December, 6 Krokin gallery performs graphical project "Mutants" by Vladimir Yankilevsky.
Yankilevsky - world known artist. His creation went down in history of the second half of XX century. His works are exhibited in main museums of Russia, Europe and USA. Famous curators, critics and collectioners deal with Yankilevsky. This artist realized more than a hundred exhibitions in Russia and abroad, he lives and works in Moscow and Paris ..>>

"October, 16 - November, 2: LIDS by Vladimir Sitnikov" // October, 04, 2003.
Vladimir Sitnikov continues his dialogues with things: his new works are made with common lids for canning, on which he painted mini-portraits...
Opening reception: October, 16 at 6 p.m.

"Opening new season!" // September, 10, 2003.
Krokin gallery starts new season with a project by Korean artist PARK SUNG TAE (Seoul).
Exhibition takes place with assistance of Embassy of Republic of Korea in Russia and Publishing House "Financial Checking".
Dates of exhibition: September, 17 - October, 12. Opening reception - September, 17 at 6 p.m. ...>>

"July, 10 - September, 7: "OIL - CANVAS - SALE"" // June, 26, 2003.

Exhibiting artists: Andrey Bilzho, Vladimir Samsonov, Andrey Repeshko, Andrey Frolov, Nalbi Bugashev, Ilona Gansovskaya, Vladimir Sitnikov, Andrey Skripka.
The name of exhibition makes clear which works will be exhibited. We will show nothing except bigformatted paintings that corresponds with traditional imagination about paintings.

"June, 11 - July, 6: "School"" // May, 24, 2003.

"School" - the eights exhibition within the Krokin gallery project "Archival of Contemporaneity"
We perform the following artists: A.Vinogradov, K.Batynkov, V.Dubosarsky, K.Zvezdochetov, V.Nasedkin, A.Olshvang, V.Orlov, M.Pogorzhelskaya, N.Polissky, V.Sitnikov, V.Smirnov (project FenSo), A. Smirnsky (project FenSo), A.Philippov, A.Florensky, O.Florenskaya, K.Chelushkin, D.Tsvetkov.
Opening reception: June, 11 (6 p.m.)

"May, 21 - June, 8: "FenSo - Painting"" // May, 10, 2003.

"FenSo - Painting" - the exhibition by Anton Smirnsky within the Krokin gallery project "Archival of Contemporaneity". It consists of painted works created by Smirnsky in the period of 1987-1992 and videoworks (2003).
We're pleased to invite you!
Opening reception: May, 21 at 6 p.m.
Dates of exhibition: May, 21 - June, 8.

""Our boy restrains himself" - new project by Dmitry Tsvetkov" // April, 15, 2003.

We're pleased to invite you!
Opening reception: April, 17 at 6 p.m.
Dates of exhibition: April, 17 - May, 18.
At the same time in the space of Krokin gallery you can see the works of the other authors:

  • Kirill Chelushkin "My Kind Moskvitch"
  • Francisco Infante & Nonna Goriounova (fragment of the project "The Space of Time")
  • Alexander Gradoboev. Project "Juliy-2"
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